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Wednesday 20/06/2012, 22:52

The citizens of clint city were getting excited. in only two weeks the Junkz would be hosting a forth of july rave in the woods!! this battle of the djs was advertised as something particularly special, as someone who had departed the city for what was supposed to be forever was going to return for one final show. as the show got closer and closer people got more and more Rowdy. fights started to break out over who would get the few tickets to this event, and soon the Sentinel had to step in to restore order, and to be security at the event finally the big day arrived. as the Junkz took the stage a cheer went up in the crowd and Dash took the stage to announce the special guest. "ladies and gentlemen" he said "tonight we have an amazing line up for you. to start thing off we have Maazk, our newest dj, spinning some of his craaazy tunes. after this Peeler will be hosting a live broadcast from on stage. then Gil and Malmoth will have a guitar battle. but this is not what you have been waiting for have you??? tonight we have a very special guest. our very own Veenyle Cr is in town!!" as the crowd cheered wildly the lights went out and a there was a huge explosion. in the darkness a howling was heard and the smell of unwashed bodies permeated the air. the Jungo and Roots had heard about this desecration of the forest and had banded together to stop the show! fists and paws fly and music blares! who will be the last one standing?


please join and rate green!

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Wednesday 20/06/2012, 23:26

heres the link

battle at the battle of the bands

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Thursday 21/06/2012, 01:40

battle at the battle of the bands

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Thursday 28/06/2012, 07:51

2 spots left guys

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Clint City, night.