offline TSP_Luffy Hero The Strawhat Pirates
Saturday 14/07/2012, 23:55

Open for newcomers only who doesn't have a guild!!!
Level: 5 until 50!!!
Language: Malay or English!!!

(The Strawhat Pirates Event) Link:
Deck Format: Extended25, 15 Pillz, 60 Life!!!
Fees: 1000,clintz!
Prizes To Be Won: 1st:30 credits+ 40% of the jackpot+ Amiral Py Cr
2nd:20 credits+ 30% of the jackpot+ Terry Cr
3rd:10 credits+ 20% of the jackpot+ Chikko Cr

(The Battle To The New World) Link:
Deck Format: Elo, 12 Pillz, 12 life!!!
Prizes To Be Won: Still On Going!

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