offline ZeroTakenaka Hero  
Thursday 04/10/2012, 02:45

I have two decks that I use to battle with in UR. I have a mono GHEIST and a mono Uppers deck.

GHEIST deck consists of:

Arkn, Ludmilla, Mok, Bristone, Dolly, Anibal, Dr. Saw, and Rolph

To be honest, my strategy with this deck has been to use Dolly and/or Luddy to poison them for 6 damage by the time I use Anibal or Rolph. The problem with this has been it leaves me wide open to counter attacks. Now, I also have Vladimir but such a hefty cost for a single card that Rolph does better. And, without the power houses of Leviatonn, XU52, Z3RO D34D, or Methane, Toro... ((all very EXPENSIVE )) I don't think I can do much better for rather cheap. Of course, I welcome any challenges to my claim.

As for my Uppers deck,

Skipping the obvious Rubie, Dorian, Herman, Zatman...

I use: Wendel, Jose Star, Frankie Hi, Lydia, Oxen, Pallack, Beetenka, and Jeeves

Unlike my GHEIST deck, this deck suffers from lack of damage. Considering the lack of good two stars for Uppers I think I'm set.

However, I think that Samantha, Burt, Harold, or Jody could fit better somewhere. ((Obvious reliance on Courage for two cards.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Thursday 04/10/2012, 10:52

Well, I'd consider halfdecks of both clans.

Like - Arkn, Mok, Rolph, Bristone + Jose Star, Lydia, Oxen, Jeeves/Beetenka

There. If you lose Gheist bonus you have one gheist that has usable ability and if you lose uppers bonus you probably have still usable uppers card in hand (except for Jose Star who loses most of its usability without bonus)

Samantha/Harold are good alternatives and up to par with Jose Star / Lydia - its mostly what flavor you prefer.

But you will upgrade as soon as you can afford it. Unluckily you have picked two of the clans that have big price tag on all of their great staples and most of their next best alternatives too.

offline ZeroTakenaka Hero  
Friday 05/10/2012, 00:49

I have more GHEIST and Uppers cards than those I listed but I'll try out the half-deck you suggested.

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