offline michael2reed Hero  
Thursday 25/10/2012, 03:51

I currently have 5* Pesth 4* Scubb and Raeth 3* Talijon and Andsom and 2* Hawkins Noel, Tula, and Puff. Honestly I truly think it's a good elo deck but I can't afford any better elo cards.
I really need some help with strats, and any ideas on when to bluff and etc. i'm sucking it up at elo i win maybe 1/3 of my matches smiley
Thanks guys!(:

offline 0 KILLIC Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 25/10/2012, 09:15

Pesth to dalhia/selma and andsom to tyd maybe when you have clintz

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Clint City, night.