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Tuesday 06/11/2012, 19:18

*disclamer* just to start this of i am not some pro l33t player or anything like that and this just my opinion and it is subject to change.

tier 1-

GHEIST their bonus is just so damn stong and well their cards are much better than their counterpart the Roots imo, i dont think they are the best and they have their weakness "like SoB" and their mono decks arent as stong with the recent perma banns

Montana that attack reduction is just insane, they have so many good cards like Mona, Griezzo and Spiaghi probably the best clan, makes a nice mono or half deck

Skeelz so solid good in a half deck, mono and splash does pretty much every thing. nuff said

Piranas before i get started i have to say they are my main "well used to be" their bonus is really good, clans that need it like Rescue and GHEIST are just slaughtered most of their cards have huge power, pill manipulation is real strong Scrubb can just overpill and get away with it. Only down side half deck isnt so strong imo and their perma banns really make a difference.

Vortex their clan bonus is so forgiving and allows you to make huge plays and not geting punished for it, however the main problem is their bonus doent win fights. btw they are on the edge of being top of tier 2 but im nice like that.

ok so thats the end of tier 1 i just wanna say that thats not in any order and that if your favourite clan isnt there tier 2 is still very viable they just have down sides that tier 1 dont.

offline AznRepublic Guru E X C A L I B U R
Friday 09/11/2012, 10:06

I will state some points out...

• There is no real official tiers for the clans.

• The ELO meta game always changes, Perma-bans are occasionally put into place, cards come out of the perma-ban list, cards that shouldn't even exist in ELO but are still allowed in (Kalindra, for example).

•Honestly, even opinions change about this so called "tier" list. This is OP's opinion, He should have considered asking multitudes of players on their opinion at least.

• This is all just under the opinion of the OP. I'm just going to say, Vortex and Piranas are no longer among the so called "tier 1" list or never was a part of it.

Man, I haven't even played ELO in a few years and I know what's up.

End of statement.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 09/11/2012, 18:09

I am kind of shocked at the number of people who have come out to say that tier lists are useless because the meta changes. I'm sorry, but that's a terrible argument. Things that change frequently are still measured allllll the time.

Question: "what's the temperature outside?"

Answer (pick one)
1) Let me check the weather channel and I'll tell you.
2) Geez, well... It changes all the time, so I can't even begin to guess. Is it hot? Is it cold? Maybe it's hot AND cold! I don't know! smiley

offline -The Dude- Hero  
Friday 09/11/2012, 21:51

I get what you're trying to say but that is probably the absolute worst analogy you could have made. Temperature is an absolute quantifiable unit that can be precisely measured and recorded. It also follows a general pattern. How exactly would we realistically 'measure' a clan's effectiveness on a week to week basis. Further, the fact that draws are random and all cards ...react, for lack of a better word, to various opponents' cards just makes the whole comparison absurd.

You can set general guidelines as to what clans/cards are effective in the game most of the time but anything you 'confirm' in your analysis is gonna get turned on it's ass the first time your Kalindra loses to a 2* or your 'statistically sound' deck gets trounced four games in a row by some scrub.

offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Friday 09/11/2012, 22:03

We had this discussion in guild a few months ago. Most clans are usable in ELO (except Ulu Watu. Poor, poor Ulu Watu.), but the relative strength of the clan changes each week with the bans. It's interesting to see how certain bans/unbans affect each other and their clans.

An example... you'd think that, on paper, Kalindra is a slightly stronger card than Askai: better power, better gap. And yet, when both were unbanned a few weeks ago, Askai was in every other deck and Kalindra was nowhere to be found... even among players who had her! That's just one example of clan strength.

And now, just to stir the pot... our top tier had Jungo, All Stars, Roots, and FPC, with Freaks and Nightmare close behind.

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Friday 09/11/2012, 22:20


Your words are starting to make me think that the OP was just doing this for some attention by the UR Community.

offline AznRepublic Guru E X C A L I B U R
Friday 09/11/2012, 22:24

It's because they are not useful, lol. Your comparison to the weather outside is invalid because clans in a virtual card game and the weather outside are two very different things, although it could be comparable, it is not valid sincerely because temperature is different all over the world, it's not like UR cards are different all over the world. The tier list is only an opinion and you may use facts such as ELO tops and records to back you up. The fact is a tier list is useless because the meta always changes. Elo bans are different, everything changes. I could consider Rescue a top tier clan in the past with Piranas, but since they lost their good Utilities, not many players use them now. Of course you can ELO top with any deck as long as it's playable and yo have the skills necessary to play it, but really, this is all just an opinion and bans are changed consistently, there is no "tier" list.

offline Sylneiros Imperator Gorgeous light
Saturday 10/11/2012, 06:40

The diversity in people's opinion about the best clans just shows a pretty good balance of the game.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 10/11/2012, 06:53

Dear UR players;
Educate yourself on what measurements are and how they work before you insist that temperature is an "exact" measurement and that an ELO tier list would not be.

If we bothered to do so, we could have 1000 players play with pre-made decks featuring every clan. We could put the results on a nice little graph. We could observe this and see certain trends. For example: Ulu and Junta, while dangerous in the right hands, are still outperformed significantly by Jungo and SoA clans. A graph displaying enough ELO games would reflect that popular opinion.

You could quite literally make a big chart with dots for every player's highest ELO with a certain clan, and be able to create a fairly accurate scale based off that. Like all means of measurement ever, this scale would not be 100% exact... And like all means of measurement ever, it would still be very helpful.

Some clans are *definitely* better than others. Just because different players have different opinions about which clans are good, it does not mean that facts regarding which clans perform well do not exist.

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Saturday 10/11/2012, 19:29

Ghelas - while I normally hate all your posts (ever since you disagreed with me about Vortex being a good clan [side note, i don't own x-0dus]), i thought the last post was nice, and true.

Look at dota 2 tier lists - they are based on tournament winnings, not opinions.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 11/11/2012, 01:57

@AGPrinz: I do have a big mouth, my apologies if I said something that rubbed you the wrong way! To be fair, I preach that Vortex are good to everyone, but so far I am the only person to have any real success with them. smiley So there could be a little bit of bias there.

Glad you see the truth of the matter about the tier lists, though! I'm really surprised that so many people seem to disagree.

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