offline HazyDaze420 Imperator  
Tuesday 27/11/2012, 20:05

Will consider any trade but I would prefer Cr's.
As far as sale...I will consider any reasonable offers.

offline HazyDaze420 Imperator  
Wednesday 28/11/2012, 21:33

Nevermind she's been sold.

offline HazyDaze420 Imperator  
Wednesday 28/11/2012, 22:33

I appreciate your comment cyber...couldn't have said it better myself.

offline Cyber Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 29/11/2012, 00:14

You're welcome. Some people dont understand the demand and supply of the market AT THAT TIME thus try to use make you sell your cards cheaper with their flawed reasoning. I saw Spycee has a few of those cards and he claims or have sold it at about 70k per head. But what an irony in this thread.

offline T4KK Imperator  
Thursday 29/11/2012, 03:41

Uhm.. i just like to share that 0 Spycee and i don't share the same country.. LOL

congrats on selling Romana DaBear, you'r pretty lucky to have one.. btw. smiley

offline HazyDaze420 Imperator  
Thursday 29/11/2012, 06:28


offline PinkRose458 Veteran Open Casket
Thursday 29/11/2012, 08:02

@DaBears I do not know why you keep on commenting and stuff when you can just close it... as this is not availible anymore

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