Tuesday 01/01/2013, 12:38


Im looking to trade/sell my Kiki Cr for about 11 100 000 clintz.

I will accept clintz and cards (Below is a list of characters I will accept, to work out how many clintz remove the price of the Cr next to the name from 11 100 000).

Flavio Cr: 790 000
Aldebaran Cr: 800 000
Berserkgirl Cr: 815 000
Lao Cr: 860 000
Rass Cr: 890 000
Shawoman Cr: 950 000
Dragan Cr: 990 000
Sum Sam Cr: 1 850 000
Scarlett Cr: 1 900 000
Manon Cr: 2 000 000

Offers can be sent my pm if you want but please be sensible I won't sell him for stupidly low amounts smiley

Thanks mods.

oooops thats me smiley

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Monday 24/12/2012, 21:05

Intrested in General Cr ?

Tuesday 25/12/2012, 22:06

No sorry just the cards mentioned above.

Wednesday 26/12/2012, 21:08

If the market prices for the mentioned cards decreases or increases you can take them as the amount rounded to the nearest 10k

Thursday 27/12/2012, 12:08

Asking price for Kiki Cr changed from 12.8m to 11.5m

Thursday 27/12/2012, 23:39

Guru Cr 0xp + flavio

Friday 28/12/2012, 19:33

No thank you, i only need clintz and the cards on the list. Other cards just mean i need to try to sell them.

Saturday 29/12/2012, 16:07

People keep offering me lists of cards that are not on the list. I will most likely not accept the offer as I don't really want to sell them all. I just want an easy heres the clintz or heres the cards you need smiley

I really only need clintz and the cards on the list nothing else.

Sunday 30/12/2012, 15:45

I will accept 10mill clintz and 1.5mill in ANY cards.

Below 10mill clintz needs cards on the list above to make it near 11.5mill

Monday 31/12/2012, 14:29

Scarlett Cr 0xp
Marlysa Cr 0xp
Shawoman Cr 0xp
Dragan Cr
Lao Cr 0xp
NDololo Cr
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
How many your estimation?


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