offline Dkct Guru  
Friday 04/01/2013, 01:58

Just need robb cr, I think. I liked it, two of my favorite clans...

Any sugestions?

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Friday 04/01/2013, 07:29

I have posted this somewhere before, but AGAIN no SoA never makes a good complete deck. alexei is mediocre, but that would be the best bet you have

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 04/01/2013, 13:36

Nice deck. smiley

You don't allways need SOA when the other cards are better.

offline Dkct Guru  
Friday 04/01/2013, 21:06

I've been thinking about what the oracle said, and I am pretty sure that marina is MY best option over alexei. Lets think about some situations:

Roots, GHEIST, and other stops like wendel, qubik, bogdan, bryan : Marina has one more power, no deal for alexei.
Sob clans with power reducing are better for alexei, edwin and tula are easy targets. Buf if you plan to bluff, marina can really take damage down.
Skeelz are still making fun of alexei either.
Power protection cards can also be matched by alexei, but only melanie is not afraid of marina dmg reduction, while heitachi will not always want to fight for "only" 4 life gap.
+- life dudes: moses, ector are very efective against marina, but lots of others have more than 4 damage (like diana), so its not really a worry.
Nakata, karen, flinch and other stops are just waiting for alexei to play first. With only one SOA, its easy to avoid, but you still dont want to be threatened.

Putting in the balance, having only one defeat card, i just preffer marina, 'cause there are more situations where she is better, but its personal. Losing 1 power to come with a totally different ability, with totally different weak and strong spots is really players choice. Thanks for the sugestion, anyway.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 05/01/2013, 08:05

I don't think SoA is necessary in this. The typical strategy for a deck like this is to nail down an r1 win with an All-Star, ideally with 5-6 pills, less if you think you can get away with it... And threaten a 2nd or 3rd round Tsubame fork. If Tsubame is not available, landing two strong cards and relying on Marina or Kusuri should usually secure the win.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Saturday 05/01/2013, 15:19

Well im not saying replace marina with alexei, and your arguments was not very strong, you are just saying all the pros of marina against alexei. what if you see a karrion getting thrown at you? cyb lhia? and its just so nice having an SoA on hand, facing something like buba otherwise would be a pain.

well I have not used tsubame before, but from what I know, all decks that do well usually have SoAs. You might have luck with this though, who knows smiley

offline Truth and Lies Guru  
Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:46

I'd much rather have Yoshida than Tsubame. Yoshida is just a card killer in any round while Tsubame is preferably used in earlier rounds to take full advantage of her ability.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Sunday 06/01/2013, 02:59

I'd much rather have Tsubame in this deck, there's already enough power manipulation and round-winning capabilities so there's room for a bomb. Tsubame fits this deck nicely.

offline Dkct Guru  
Sunday 06/01/2013, 14:34

I see why you want alexei. There are too many great abilities that need to be stoped. Im always having trouble with boohma, for example. I need robb cr, so I can take marina for him, and shifou for kati. Think it works.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Sunday 06/01/2013, 17:39

Oh, don't do that... shifou is great and Kati is, well, bad... if you REALLY want that SoA, replace randy with Alexei and Zhu Tang with Chan...

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