Monday 04/03/2013, 09:56

Currently I wish to make a new deck .
I have a good experience with Nightmare , Montana and Skeelz [mono] , but i have never used a hybrdi b/w 2 clans [is it really worth it??] .

Anyways , I wanted to make a team that would rely on healing my team while having the ability of using poison for damage .
I personally have never been able to use Freaks effectively
Which clan [or clan combo] would you suggest for me considering I dont play frequently??

Monday 04/03/2013, 14:05

Heal and poison usually doesn't do well together, but you can find quite some defeat+life cards... A kind of healing!
Most of good poison cards are usually banned, so choose wisely. The most reliable poison still comes from Freaks bonus.


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