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The Rules of this event are simple; the event contains 5 rounds and different deck formats for each round. Every round you have to fight against everybody in the event, the aim of these round are to get as many points as possible in order to reach the final round. You retain all your points you get in the rounds before.
That means the points will add up in each round. The top five players with the best score after round 4 will be allowed to get into the final round.

You can use your points to eliminate or protect somebody or yourself (check the point shop). This will be subtracted from your point total. You can only use these before round 4.

Point shop:
100 Points = Kill somebody of your choice
80 Points = Protecting yourself
60 Points = Protecting somebody of your choice
20 Points = Kill yourself

Player 1 - 140 points
Player 2 - 40 points
Player 3 - 180 points
Player 4 - 150 points.

Player 1 and Player 2 are friends and want to work in a group.
-Player 3 wants to eliminate Player 1.
-So Player 3 has to use 100 of his 180 points to eliminate him.
-Player 1 has to use 80 of his 140 points to protect himself.
-Player 2 has not got enough points to protect Player 1, so he can not help him.
-The score of Player 1 will be lowered to 60 points and Player 3's points will be lowered to 80.


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-Player 4 wants to use his points, he could either eliminate Player 1 (60 Points) or Player 2 (40 points), because they Don´t have enough points to protect themselves (80 points needed), they have to protect each other (60 points needed).
-Player 4 chooses to eliminate Player 2, Player 1 could use his last 60 points to protect Player 2.
-The score of Player 1 would be lowered to 0.
-Player 4 can also use 100 points to eliminate Player 3 but Player 3 has got enough points left to protect himself.
-Player 3 chooses to save himself so the score of Player 3 would be lowered to 0 and Player 4's points are 50.

Insults, match fixing and deck changing are forbidden.

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I forgot the link smiley

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If you have questions, ask me. smiley
I will publish the deck formats soon.
They are in work smiley

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