offline Doctor Loli Guru  
Saturday 01/06/2013, 15:22

I currently just started and~ Currently my deck base is gheist and im wondering as a noob..which chould i go with hybrid decks? or pure freak or pure gheist? do they go well together?

Can you give me like a good or efficient noob deck list till i can rack up the clintz and get some of em good hitters?

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 01/06/2013, 17:42

Never go pure freaks

offline Legendary_Jax Guru War Party
Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:04

You are wrong, there are many good cheap freaks decks. such as karmov, magda, varoslav, shazam and more.
gheist are good, but nost of their good cards except maybe platium and dolly cost alot of clints.also, ive been trying out pussycats/sentinel and they work for low clintz smiley

offline Mistah Prince Imperator Time Conquers All
Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:05

For the most part any clan can be mixed with another, except Rescue, they should always stay mono. Now some clans do compliment clans more than other clans would, but since you already have GHEIST and Freaks , a good starting deck would be:
Dolly , Mok , Anibal , Mini Mund , Bertha , Igor , Karmov , Quasichoco

Play some tournaments, rack up clintz and credits, ??? , profit

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:18

Mini Mund? Why not Luba?

offline NeoNoire Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:35

Because every villain needs a sidekick

offline Mistah Prince Imperator Time Conquers All
Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:41

Well only because he's using GHEIST doesn't make them or Roots any less predominant as they already are smiley

offline Taxt1271 Imperator  
Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:52

If you're looking for a cheap clan, go Piranas. Hawkins Noel, Puff, Coleridge, Kristin, Ector are all really cheap, really good cards. Some of them are even staples. Even more expensive cards like Raeth, Scubb, Miss Lizbeth, and Taljion only cost a few thousand clintz.

offline badna0 Imperator  
Saturday 01/06/2013, 19:13

Shedding insight on what previous people have said:
Richliu's logic is quite good. If you're trying to get the most out of your deck, running mono Freaks is slightly suboptimal, as they are essentially bonusless in the last round (and often the 3rd, too, depending on your opponent's life totals).
Adding a few more options to Gomla's recommendations:

Try out Shazam, who is an amazing 2* for Freaks. Eve is probably the best cheap 5* in Freaks available... Once you save up enough money, the Freaks staples are Bogdan / Grudj, Olga, Shazam. Madelone, Bertha, Esmerelda are all strong options as well.

On the Gheist side, add on Bristone, Hriger, and Ksendra as solid upgrade cards to look at for starters.

offline Taxt1271 Imperator  
Saturday 01/06/2013, 19:45

I'd ditch gheist altogether if you're looking for cheap cards. Freaks low star cards and some of their lesser five stars are quite cheap (Bertha, Shazam, Wonald off the top of my head) but their best cards and staples are four stars that cost a hell of a lot (Bogdan, Grudj mostly). Try a low star Freaks half deck with another cheap clan half deck.

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