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Sunday 16/06/2013, 14:44

I don't normally write to say come join, but here I am.
its up to you basically to find a suitable guild where you make friends, collect cards and most of all, to enjoy Urban rivals without racism and threats.

We have a high expectation in our guild to reach maximum activity of 1200/1200 but we do not kick people out if they dont have activity I repeat we do not kick players out!

In our guild we give rewards for maximum activity and prizes for:
(Events) but to be honest im a bad event creator!
(Lotterys) And much, much more!

We enjoy having a good laugh in the guild chat rooms and my Admins answer any questions, quaries to solve problems that you have.

As with my activity is very high, feel free to talk to me.

I hope to see you in The Supreme Class (A)

TSC Redblood, founder of The Supreme Class (A)


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