offline Anton Chigurh Imperator WeAreOne_R20
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 01:18

It really hurts me to say, but after more than a year I'll have to say that this clan seems to be broken. main flaws:

– lack of 1st round cards

unless UR makes that into an ability and gives the Frozn a bunch of those cards this flaw will always be a very tough one. you'll normally want to play your cards with full potential of that really amazing bonus (on paper), which means loosing first. that will make you vulnerable to all kinds of cards. sure there is Brok and Eliska and Tiwi Ld, but they have flaws too, let alone your opp has SOA

– lack of split deck playability

if you want to get decent 1st round cards, you'll have to use a split deck. thing is, if your hand doesnt split equal, you'll either loose your really amazing bons for your frozn card (know that painful feeling being forced to play Mikaal without bonus?) or you loose the other clans' bonus, which was the reason to split your deck to begin with (Skeelz and Vortex hurt a little less without bonus).

nowadays i hardly see this great clan in play – and i think it might be a strategy problem. whereas huracan add lots of weird possibilities due to a great responsive bonus and quite uncommon abilites frozn seem stuck with a really amazing bonus, whicht doesnt play out as well as it looks. the solution? might really be an first-round-only-ability. might be called charge. or something else. i really dont care. but i do care about this clan

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offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 12:36

What would you say is a first round card?

offline Anton Chigurh Imperator WeAreOne_R20
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 14:14

A card with its bonus acitve. in mono frozn dont have a bonus yet. in split theres a considerable chance that you have an uneven draw with the downside mentioned above. thats the flaw i see with this clan ...

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 14:23

That's why you play a defeatist in round one. Or something like Rad or Stompah that isn't totally screw without bonus.

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 14:31

Then the bonus is activated in round 2

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 19:52

Maybe the developers should make it so players always get a guaranteed 2/2 hand instead of 3/1. It'd be a huge change so I doubt this will happen.

offline Avoid-50-50 Titan  
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 20:08

Frozn are cool smiley

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 20:10

They're cool as refrigerators

offline Avoid-50-50 Titan  
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 20:14

Frozn are so chill that they get along with anyone , so maybe don't use mono , not every clan can be used in mono decks , they basically have no heat with other clans smiley

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Tuesday 23/07/2013, 20:22

Maybe you're using wrong cards... Mikaal is bad in half-decks. There are good utility cards in Frozn that can do something without their bonus, and if you're using them as a half-deck, those are the cards you should try out. Haaken's SoA is great in whichever round you play it, Stompah, Rad and Thorpah have good stats even without bonus, Tiwi and Windzy are good defeat cards, if you're going second in a round, you can maybe play mind games with your opponent, or get some easy damage in.

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