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Tuesday 30/07/2013, 04:55

Second 2 None

One person cannot make a guild nor can they keep it active, it takes a group effort to do so

When people see the name Second 2 None we want them to think greatness,pride,dedication & determination, the guild that is the best striving to be better. If u want to be in a guild to help it achieve legendary status rather then be in guild just to be in a guild join S2N

We are a small guild, but hopefully that is to our benefit. We want to be available to offer advice and assistance to one another, and support one another's efforts to advance in the game.

A guild can't grow if it's members aren't active, the guild performance is directly related to its members performance. So we ask all members to put in an effort to playing often and staying active, or at least log onto the guild and leave a board message to let us know why you might be unable to do so.

So, if you can commit to playing at least once a month, and are looking to join a guild. Please consider us.
Thank you.

Second 2 None

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offline -CALLOUS- Hero  
Monday 29/07/2013, 16:56

Personally I vote the four or five of you that are still active just come on over to Limit Break. That's a serious offer and we've got open arms if that's something you ever want to consider. Otherwise, I wish you guys the best. You've been around forever and I hate to see old guilds die off but I suppose it's inevitable...

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