offline TheArachnid Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 23/10/2013, 05:06

Hello everyone. The manor house of Inferno has just been erected, and it needs tenants. If living on top of the gates to Hell doesn't bother you, there's plenty of room in the House of Inferno for you.

-This guild is for all who wish to join, we do not discriminate. Any level, any ELO, whoever you are, you are welcome here. You don't need to speak english, Plushieman can help you learn it.
-If you need advice on how to make your gameplay better, we can help you with that.
-If you need someone to talk to, we can listen.
-Just be your own monster, and we'll be there for you.


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offline SOF-Archinado Master Slaves of Freedom
Wednesday 23/10/2013, 09:49

Im joining his Guilid, we Are 3 Members.... We need 1 more member. We can help you with your decks if you have any problems. We usually create events depending on the Founder's Approval. So star today and Join smiley

offline SOF-Archinado Master Slaves of Freedom
Thursday 24/10/2013, 12:17

Please close this topic bro. Im making a new topic of your guilig. But different smiley

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