offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 18/12/2008, 16:31

Hello all !

After a long monologue about love an pillz Matthew told me he wanted to go around the world, meet people from the most countries he could and make new friends.
I thought that all Urban Rivals communities could help him during his long trip.
He needs people to put him up for a night or two and friends who will make him discover good spots in the different countries he’ll visit.

Matthew’s World Tour will begin with a short visit to the staff, then I’ll send him to a player who’ll have to find somebody else, in another country, to receive Matthew, etc.

Rules :

Only one Matthew card is concerned : the one I’ll send to a player. There will be my name on it and everybody who will receive Matthew will sign the card.

Matthew must visit the most countries he can.
Each host will have to write a short description of Matthew’s stay in his/her place (places Matthew discovered in your country, etc.). You also have to say to whom you’ll send Matthew.
Post this in Matthew’s World Tour Diary here :

offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 10:36

No, Matthew is ok, is back for few days in the staff office. He has a long sail to prepare (and needed some more pillz smiley )
You'll hear about him soon smiley

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 10:37

I think Matthew was caught by the seems he had passport issues..smiley

We all know he has been sneaking in and has been passing through the borders assisted by the players so this is expected... XD

He'll be moving on soon unless he gets deported back.. XD


offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 10:39

Oh..XD and i thought he was sick or something..XD XD

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 10:40

As Euzebe said..he'll be back soon..smiley
just needed some vitamins..smiley

offline TagoNgTago Guru  
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 12:02

Id love to join

offline DBWizards Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 12:47

I think he might be stranded smiley

offline camenomato Senior  
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 13:17

That ad was having my city mumbai too smiley im glad that they made it come first smiley

offline camenomato Senior  
Tuesday 13/01/2009, 13:19

And yea if he is near china id suggest him to come to see taj mahal and all the historic places in India

offline Spirit-Reaper Guru  
Wednesday 14/01/2009, 02:13

Awesome i want to join

offline L0RD BL4CK S4 Titan Sangre Azteca
Wednesday 14/01/2009, 08:59

I like to participate for the spanish forum =)

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