offline Roscoe Senior  
Friday 24/11/2006, 05:50

Just curious.....

Given a card has the ability or bonus "power #"

and it is played with pills

given the opposing card has no negate ability or bonus

how is the attack calculated? (Power bonusPower)*pills? or (Power*pills) bonusPower?

Just message the answer directly to me coz i rarely come here. I appreciate the help thanks! smiley

offline Roscoe Senior  
Friday 24/11/2006, 09:59

Hmm it seems the plus sign disappeared.

what i meant was.... (power plus bonuspower) times pills? or (power times pills) plus bonus power?

offline alexis75000 Veteran  
Friday 24/11/2006, 21:12

It just adds 2 power to your power

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Saturday 25/11/2006, 17:29

For example, when I have nanook with bonus:
8 power 2 from bonus* 5 1 pillz= 60 Attack.

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