offline PA-Zero Cool Senior Pinoy Ako
Thursday 30/11/2006, 08:29

I always participate in tournaments but i always get either 13pts-17pts, my biggest was a one time 20pts. i thought if you have more pillz left higher the battle points, but that was in correct, i got my 20 pts with zero pillz.

please help. thanks

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Thursday 30/11/2006, 09:13

Hello i have found it check ur "my messages"

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Thursday 30/11/2006, 11:04

You got your 20 points because you won by Knock Out.
In tournaments, there is currently no good way to get A LOT of points.
But, in normal mode, you can just play without pillz and get your KO pillz bonus, probably 45 -

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Thursday 30/11/2006, 12:32

U get more pillz playing EVO --> everytime a card of your gain a lvl u get a boinus exp

mostly u can play OLD --> u and your adversary dont use any pillz winner usually gets 40-50 exp (or 23-30 during tornament)

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