Thursday 02/11/2006, 19:23

What does one gain by play having 8 unevolved cards in their deck playing no pillz to lose everytime? what do you gain by doing that? please answer.

Saturday 11/11/2006, 09:45

I can't see a gain there at all. I use 8 unevolved cards in my training deck, my normal and ELO tournament deck memebers are all fully evolved, but always use pills to try to win with 2 if I am playing EVO style or 3 if I am not. I can not see any gain at all to playing to always lose.

Saturday 11/11/2006, 15:30

Fujiwara, if you are doing that, you get tons of points when you win.
This method named Old (I think)..
You can be in the first place of a tournament if you winning a lot.

Monday 13/11/2006, 15:46

Hm..e.g. 8 unevolved 5star cards?

Tuesday 14/11/2006, 11:35

Sorry, You can use maxed cards in old, my mistake.

Tuesday 14/11/2006, 12:18

Yes i used this method once as mistake! I was playing evo but i drew all my 4 evolved charachter, than to let the other player win (since he has only unevolved chara) i decided not to play any pillz. I ended up to win (like a miracle XD) and what a surprise... i was awarded more that 30 points O__O

Friday 17/11/2006, 12:35

Raw that's heavy!

Friday 17/11/2006, 19:35

Yeah they were 39 to be precise XD


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