offline Tykoon Senior  
Wednesday 15/11/2006, 19:18

As you see in the topic; Wich clan shall I (try!) to collect first?

I've looked around and many clans are intresting. I'm thinking of the Sentinels, because, they are pretty cheap at The Market, and also have a nice bonus. But I dont really know.. I mean all the clans are so.. attractive!! smiley

Some suggestion or tips?

I'm new here registered a few days ago smiley

offline Elsman Guru ONE-OFF
Thursday 16/11/2006, 16:21

Well it's your choice... i found sentinels and montana to be great clan, but in the end every clan has it's own strengt and drawback...

offline jimbobjam Hero  
Thursday 16/11/2006, 20:30

Yeah... i also found most of Montana relitivly cheap

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Thursday 16/11/2006, 22:13

La junta and roots are two clans that give very good value for your clint spent. There are characters in them with good stats but since not as many people use them their prices are low.

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