offline Skilla Senior  
Monday 02/10/2006, 18:05

Hey, I started today playing this game. I really like it so I want to make the best of it I can.

This is my deck:

Natrang lvl 1
Tatane lvl 1
Brandon lvl 1
No Nam lvl 3
Candy Jack lvl 1
Caciope lvl 1
Robin lvl 1
Zlatar lvl 1

So... anyone knows what I should do now? I'm alraedy fighting a lot but I don't know what (kind) of char. would fit best in my deck and which of these cards are my strongest / lest strongest.

Perhaps someone could list them from good to bad or something smiley

And for the better cards also the reason of why they are good smiley

Thank you

offline bulbazar Senior ROMANIAN FIGHT CLUB
Monday 02/10/2006, 22:33

READ THE GAME RULES !!! READ HOW TO PLAY !! EARN CLINTZ !!then we can talk about other cards smiley

offline Elsman Guru ONE-OFF
Saturday 07/10/2006, 12:25

I agree with bulbazar. Just play the game for now. Evolve all you chara, earn credits and clintz.
Then focus on 1-2 clans. It should come naturally to develope fang pi clang since you have 2 chara of that clan... (but they worth around 600 both of them... so if you prefer another clan don't worry). Or you can decide to focus on La Junta since you have a lvl 5 chara of them............

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