Sunday 31/12/2006, 14:39

I wanna start a upper deck ... but i have a dilema ... i dont know what i should buy first i have 1000 clintz.. and i wanna collect for Hugo ... but i really dont know what to do ... if u guys think i should start the Uppers pls tell me which ones i should get first

Sunday 31/12/2006, 16:52

smileysmileygo cheap, buy All Stars, then get some wins... save 20 credits, buy a danger pack, sell what you don't need and save till you get what you want in the market, be patient and stick to the plan, smiley

Sunday 31/12/2006, 17:37

Umm ive got some wins smiley and ive got 5 creditz... im lvl 14 .. and i was told that Uppers kick ass in ELO .. so i wanna start a good elo deck from now .... but i dont know if i should buy Hugo .. then collect Uppers for ELO ... or get Uppers then collect for Hugo ..

Sunday 31/12/2006, 19:45

Buy Uppers and then buy a cool attitude pack which has good chances of Hugo smiley

Tuesday 02/01/2007, 00:19

Do not buy Hugo first. You need to have a deck first, without a Leader. So I suggest you get some cheap playable cards and some wins. Just like what 0-L suggested. That's how I started, and that's how I got my Uppers, except Jackie. LOL


Tuesday 02/01/2007, 07:55

If you starting a Uppers deck make sure you have Samantha she is ideal for any Uppers decksmiley


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