ELO Mode : is it legal to have pairs of triples in your deck??

Sunday 10/12/2006, 05:14

Is it a good choice to have pairs or triples in your deck? explain? smileysmileysmileysmiley

Sunday 10/12/2006, 05:31

It not allowed in Elo, but you can if you are playing regular. You can have 8 of the same card as your deck if you want, but you don't get the bonus because it has to be 2 different for the same clan.

Sunday 10/12/2006, 13:31

Ohno!! i never knew you can have doubles in ELO!!! awww! i just bought another pair, aww! shuckz! oh well...
Is it possible to play OLD with doubles?

Sunday 10/12/2006, 19:22

Sure, the only thing you can't do with double is play elo.

Monday 11/12/2006, 04:26

Thanks Neko, hahaha! Bleach ROCKS~! smileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 13/12/2006, 07:41



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