Friday 06/07/2007, 18:50

From yesterday cards attack is increased or their hit points are lowered ??? Mostly the battles finish in the first turn (max second) no matter no attack...this makes the fights a little boring and players who rely on a cards with bonus attack (-attack) are harmed smiley

Friday 06/07/2007, 19:28


Saturday 07/07/2007, 04:33

I will never understand that !smileysmileysmileysmiley smiley

Saturday 07/07/2007, 06:36

Nice picture.... But I have no idea (insert profanity here) what you're saying.... Sorry.

Saturday 07/07/2007, 09:48

Lol..nightstalker from warcraft..sweet

Saturday 07/07/2007, 12:17

I think I get what he's saying..... I think he means the infamous 1hit KO ( lost Hog / Kinjo )

just a guess.... smiley

Saturday 07/07/2007, 13:16

I believe he wants to say that in the individual battle round, each card only attacks once, or, at max, twice (meaning the animation when the knives/fists/cakes etc are flying). so he thinks the attack value has been raised in relation to the "hit points" the cards have, as represented by the health bar in the battle, so that attack bonus or abilities are a lot more valuable.
As i see it, the number of attacks per battle round shown are only related to the fact if you have the hurry button activated. I had rounds when only 2 pillz were played and the round ended after the first attack animation and vice versa, 7 against 6 pillz and 3 times attack animation by the 7-pillz-played card

Sunday 08/07/2007, 02:45


Sunday 08/07/2007, 02:50

Logomantos....That might be it. (Btw, I love the Dreadlord from Warcraft)

Still, he could've come back and reposted... Seeing how no person could understand what he (insert profanity here bcoz I don't wanna get blacklisted again) said in the 1st place.

Sunday 08/07/2007, 05:19

Unfortunately, accelerate doesn't make it always go insti kill, some times it can go back and forth 4 times even with Accelerate.
but, the number of weapons thrown durring a round isn't related to anything really, and the damage done is just designed to give the image of random.
some times, you can have one card almost kill the other, to 1 bar left of life, and the other only does 1 bar of damage, but the second attack does nothing, and the other card KOs the first.
it's interesting the first few times you watch it, but after a while it only becomes annoying.


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