offline OTFC-cavedrag Veteran the last crusade
Monday 16/07/2007, 09:56

Ok i'm wondering wat clan to make my deck so i'm just wondering who ya'll think is the best against each other
match one
(16) uppers v.s allstars (1)
match two
(9) montanas v.s leaders (smiley
match three
(6) junkz v.s pussycats (11)
match four
(3) fang pi clan v.s sentinel (14)
match five
(5) gheist v.s roots (12)
match six
(4) freaks v.s sakrahm (13)
match seven
(2) bangerz v.s ulu wata (15)
match eight
(7) la junta v.s nitemare (10)

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Monday 16/07/2007, 19:44

Uppers (Allstars are nice too)
Montana (Don't like leaders much)
Pussycats (An ELO must)
Fang Pi Clan (Both are nice)
Roots (Not sure, just what I like most)
Sakrohm (Ultimate damage reducer)
Ulu Watu (Great cards here)
La Junta (Lots of damage to share)

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 16/07/2007, 19:44

Uppers vs All-Stars

Both have good bonus and great cards among thier ranks so it is a matter of opinion

Montana vs Leaders

You can't compare them Leaders don't work with each other they work alone. Montan should be compare to Uppers and Sak.
Montana is good but lack high power cards compare to Uppers and Sak

Junkz vs Pussycat --> I thinks it is better to compare Junkz with Sentinel

Both Junkz and Sentinel are good for beginners because they have cheap and effiecient cards in the market but thier best non-collector cards are not able to stand against the best cards of other clan in my opinion well maybe with the exception of Copper..

GHEIST vs Roots
GHEIST has better damage but thier good cards have high stars.
Roots has better power but thier high level cards are bad.
For now both clan needs some help ASAP.

Freaks vs Saks
No Contest Saks closes comparison would be Uppers or Pussycat in terms of defense.

Bangers vs Ulu Watu
Bangers have low power but high damage.
Ulu Watu has high power but low damage.
If the current meta has lots of damage reducer go for Bangers if not go for Ulu Watu

FangPi and Junta
FangPi is for One-Hit Ko and the Soleil cards that they have are awesome
Junta is average for both ELO and Daily Tournament if you know how to use them properly

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 17/07/2007, 07:34

Match one:
Elo Based:All stars will win
Non Elo Based:Uppers will win,we all know they dominate elo with jackie(currently jackie is banned to balance uppers)

Match two:
I dont know,but i bet whats with these leaders?But still if with power,leaders will dominate,whats the point of making a match with a clan without bonussmiley

Match three:
Junkz makes up a good pair vs pussycats,although junkz lacks defense,pussycats will surely win smiley

Match four:
Elo based:fang pi clang
Non Elo based:sentinels
Please note:They are a good match i guess,kerozinn and copper(no bonus) makes a good couple

Match five:
Gheist doesnt have too much POWA,but roots has ratanah and noodile who has solid 8 power

Match six:
Bangers and ulu watu has same bonus,ulu watu has a lot of high power cards BUT what good on bangers is you can use the level 3 vermyn n,juicy lord as level 1,meroo as level 1.Moreover ulu watu has wee lee and tanaereva on non elo mode.
Elo based:Bangers
Non Elo based:Ulu watu

Match seven:
La junta and Nightmare,no connection at allsmiley
But the fact that la junta will own because of some solid power and abilities especially the old cr - general cr

PS:Not all are im talking are just about elo,also on normal games

Good games to allsmiley

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