offline Drain WMD Guru  
Wednesday 08/08/2007, 19:12

Cards like Sigmund maybe berserkgirl and the rest. How about the rares like kiki cr and the best uncommon in my opinion general cr.

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 10:03

Probably as much as the sucky cardsright now smiley

Flavio Cr 1/8
NDololo Cr 5/6
Melissa Cr 3/4
Berserkgirl Cr 5/4
Armanda Cr 4/4
Aldebaran Cr 4/4
Shawoman Cr 2/6
Rass Cr 4/4

All so useless, yet so expensive smiley
I'm not gonna waste 350k - 2.5mil on some goofy cr cards that ..well..SUCK smiley

offline Gruchul Legend  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 11:18

Sigmund was about 2000 clintz before he became a Cr

offline esgfs Novice  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 12:34

Lol i bet some were less than 1000 cltintz beck in the old times

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 13:41

Actually Sigmunds price before becomming a cr was just around 200-500

Aldebaran and Melissa were around 300-400

Lao was around 9000

That is as far as I can remember.

offline esgfs Novice  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 14:56

smileyi wish i was around when they were that cheap

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 16:50

Well I was also quite stupid then selling almost 10 Sigmund to Kate

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 17:02

Wait wait wait if sigmund and them were about 200-300 and the other cheap ones were that low for a price and there commons. Shoudent there be like 75 of them in the market by now i mean look all the commons we have in the market have like 75 of each espicially globumm there no exception there must be alot of sigmunds by now like 300 if he same with mellisa and the other commons how come we see a few today?

offline esgfs Novice  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 18:07

I guess people bought them thn left the game and stil have them cards in their account

offline esgfs Novice  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 18:09

I mean there must be millions of players and some of the high level ones who don't play anymore must have alot of CR's maybe not knowin about there status change

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