offline LawietNear Veteran  
Sunday 08/10/2006, 06:54

My cards are:
Aureli(max)-lvl 2
rebbeca(not max)-lvl 1
Kinjo(max)-lvl 5
Brandon(max)-lvl 3
Ottavia(max)-lvl 3
Yookie(max)-lvl 3
Aldo(max)-lvl 3
Wardog(max)-lvl 2
Flyer(max)-lvl 3
Zdrone(max)-lvl 4
tell me which cards to put in y deck and not to put in my deck.i only have 74clintz and 3 credits.I'm earning clintz to buy Wanda.If any of you ppl out there could privately sell me Wanda at a darn low price,I'll appreciate it alot.(can't private exchage coz never buy credits before.Won in tournaments.)

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Clint City, day.