Saturday 14/10/2006, 08:30

Would this deck be good? smiley

Pussycats - Sakrohm.

Charlie LV5
Yayoi LV4
Feelyn LV2
Wanda LV2
total levels-13

GraksmxxT LV4
Globumm LV2
Caciope LV3
Uranus LV3
total levels - 12

Thanks smiley

Saturday 14/10/2006, 16:54

Yes its awesome. by any chance do u have an extra Wanda.

Sunday 15/10/2006, 08:05

Hmm nope, sorry, I don't have another Wanda

More comments?
there's something to improve here? =P

Sunday 15/10/2006, 08:52

I do not this so Hed. smiley

Sunday 15/10/2006, 10:09

English please ><"

Tuesday 17/10/2006, 03:37

I will translate his message for you.
"i do not this so Hed" => "I don't think so" (but what the heck is "Hed"?)

Tuesday 17/10/2006, 10:25

I meant I do not think so..
and Hed is his name.

Tuesday 17/10/2006, 18:49

Shtok, omo. XD j/k

any more comments?

Thursday 19/10/2006, 05:13

The real problem is that you have 3 liabilty cards here, globunm, Wanda and Caciope.
Caciope is the least of the liabilties, however Pussycats bonus really does suck compared to other bonuses, the incentive to Pussycats are their low star level in comparison to their good attack, decent ability and ok damage. they are good for the splash needed to round the deck off and so are the sakrohms. the real problem with elo is that this game really only has 2 major clans to build elo decks around all the other clans are what I call assist clans, that can't be the focus clan of your deck because of the lack of suport of good cards. we can only hope that they create better cards so that other clans can start being able to be the focus clan of a deck. allstars have the most potential, I hope they do create some better ones to make them more playable, we can all only hope

Wednesday 25/10/2006, 18:45

Do u still want Globumsmiley


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