offline K9 AlucardEVO Master  
Monday 29/01/2007, 06:39

I've played a decent amount of EVO now, and I love it, the people are friendly, even the french smiley I still don't know what cest parti means, but hey!

I have a problem. 2 of my regular EVO opponents both use Chloe - and if I have a 2 or 3 power card, She seems to slaughter me, almost every time. If other have had this problem, I would love for them to post it, as I believe that she may have an error in her stats or her ability is working incorrectly. Every time I have faced chloe, she has not had her bonus up, so it's definetly not that.

Let me know if it's generic bad luck or if I am definetly not dreaming.

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Monday 29/01/2007, 08:06

Its due to randomness.

Cest parti means Here we go (I think so smiley)

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Monday 29/01/2007, 08:10

Well it could also be a crappy case of randomness if you want to avoid this play in the danger roomsmiley

offline K9 AlucardEVO Master  
Monday 29/01/2007, 12:54

I'm thinking I might. I know it sounds like whining, but a good 5/6 times it seems that randomness is in my directions....him having 16 attack and me having 64 and him 'mystically' flooring me, after I had also furied too.....well I guess the button made sense, it sure made me furious smiley

Thanks guys.

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