offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:17

The proper Method of EVOing has been apparently under debate for some time. So I am going to spell it out for you again. Tournament EVO is a different animal and I'm not going to bother discussing it. This is the proper method of EVO in the Lost Warehouse as per the old established EVO rules.

1) On your turn in which you play a card first. Select one of your characters. Use 6 pillz. It is ok to use less or more if the character has an exceptionally low or high power, as long as you use the rest only to modify the power of your character. Fury is NEVER appropriate in EVO mode.

2) On your opponents turn. Send up a character, which you don't plan to level. The more stars the better, but this is not necessary if you're trying to level your 5 star character clearly you don't want to send them up. Any maxxed out characters should be used in these slots as long as your opponent can reasonably defeat them.


offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Sunday 08/04/2007, 02:56

Thank you i hate that people tell you that you play evo wrong cause they want to add more rules to it then there are and then they tell you are wrong and tell you that you are a bad moderator, well now all i got to say is READ THIS TOPIC AND SEND ME YOUR APOLOGIES

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Sunday 08/04/2007, 07:12

Hope that wasn't me Wylde_bil_AOD smiley.
I still think that one should try and play your highest levels as defense, obviously it's not always possible. But these people who attack with their lvls 5 and 6 and play 1's and 2's as defense, (for the sake of WINNING) are irritating the living daylights out of me. I say, if u picked that lvl 1 or 2 to be in your deck, you should PLAY it, (where possible) not use it as defense so that your opponent gets no xp points.
I have also come across newbie EVO players who don't know about these "rules". Once I have explained to them that it is more beneficial to play ur lowest lvls and use the higher ones as defense, never use fury to win, etc., they admit that it makes perfectly sense and they are happy to be enlightened on EVO!

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Sunday 08/04/2007, 07:46

I also dont understand the URGENT NEED to level up a char, and it seems it's always the high lvl card that 'urgently needs' to be EVOed. Why does it have to be levelled up immediately and why can't it be done with the next game, or the game thereafter? I also have high lvls that I would love to get levelled up as soon as possible, but I don't do that to the detriment of my opponent.
It's sad though that so many (experienced especially!) players never visit the Message Board, because if they did, there would be far less unfair EVO players smiley
(PS. I still have my little black list of unfair players who I won't play against... LOLOL)

offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 07:59

Still, although EVO is been around maybe since the begining of the game, the new rules in lost warehouse, makes HAN the best way to evo your cards. If you have 4 lvl 3 and 4 cards in your draw and the opponent has 4 lvl 1 and 2 cards, it's ilogic for you to put any pillz on your cards, the most beneficial for both is to let the low level cards always win. Because the XP is split between the 2 cards fighting in that round it's really not neccesary to put 6 pillz on 2 cards, it all depends on the level of the cards in the battle. Of course many times the rules are the same as evo because all players have various level cards. And of course you can't play HAN with an EVO player without explaying him first what HAN is, because you risk doing things that seem unfair for evo play, like puting pillz on your opponent's turn because his card has a higher level than your cards... and this would be the logical thing to do in HAN. It all depends on the players, I remain with EVO in my nick but anytime I see a HAN player i challenge him specifying that I play HAN.

offline PlanchaEVO Titan  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 08:23

Kv raven evo : this is what i always said han in lost warehouse is better the evo period. Playing evo in lost warehouse is always worse then han. This is the message that has to be sent because people dont know this. i see alot of people with evo in their name and only a few with han. Its time to start informing people.

offline salade bleue Novice  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 10:23

I can't imagine why my HAN guide, sent in for the Master's Tips on monday 12/03, still hasn't been published! This article compares evo play with HAN mode, with examples and comprehensive rules to conclude.

Moderator, why could that be?!

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 08/04/2007, 10:45

I've said it before and I won't say it again. This is not a Han vs EVO discussion topic. The function of this topic is to make clear the exact rules of EVO. Any HAN vs EVO discussion should be carried out in a guide as such. Harassing the Moderators, and players of EVO, by screaming the merits of how much better your style is than anyone else's won't convience us. Respect the EVO players and leave your opinions on HAN out of the EVO Rules topic.

As for why your HAN guide hasn't made it in ask the Devs, not the Admins. We have no control over that.

offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 11:02

I have to agree with StormWind, although I've written a message supporting HAN, this thread is about EVO, first and foremost all players should be aware of all the rules and fairplay required to play EVO, after they respect all this rules it's up to them to chose their way of evolving cards, for the HAN advantages you can check the other threads, this subject remains about EVO, played in nomatter what room and which still presents advantages. A HAN vs EVO discussion is not necessary, all players should decide for themselves the way they wish to play and the way they think is best for evolving cards.

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Sunday 08/04/2007, 12:48

I agree, if you wanna evolve your cards quickly, go HAN and get Lost in the warehouse,
if you think you have a strong EVO deck and wanna gain points to raise your ranks or gain lotsa clintz during the daily tournaments, then by all means evolve them that way. I think you should just stick this up so people who are new to the game can easily find this and read it.
GGs! smiley

offline BlatantEVO Master  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 17:39

The biggest problem I run into is that I end up fighting people who have 2 high lvl cards maxed levels, and 2 low level ones they want to level....myself I typically have two maxed levels and unmaxed high levels (that I can put out to be defeated in case none of the maxes come out.) However, I endup having my high leveled people beating up one of the low levels the player throws out. What good is a lvl 1 micky to my lvl 3 yayoi? especially since the end of the match it always ends up one of my maxes vs one of my opponents maxes. Ergo BOTH of us missed out on an EVO train so that one of their cards fights a high leveled card of mine....but the thing is, of course, that it would have happened anyway had they not wasted their low level getting beaten by my high level. I think while EVO mode is "unspoken" there should be moderations, such as not being able to put EVO in your name if it's been shown that you aren't evo training properly.

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