offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Saturday 12/05/2007, 20:36

I cant seem to choose who I want out of these two. I think Ambre would help with the courage3 but timber has the damage+1 which is gd for the cards with 5 damage...any suggestions would be helpful smiley

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Saturday 12/05/2007, 21:50

Depends wht deck ur using ambre is good but she only helps for the 1st turn whilst timber benifits your hand all through the match i'd say timber purley becuase of his constant ability and it can reali help certain cards

offline K-Chaos Titan  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 00:03

But also you could say that ambra is a great supporter for cards with lower power and more demage which helps you to bring the bhudd through...just as an example...
I prefer Ambre because of the great power support and with a deck of strong characters ...for two rounds you are able to play nearly unbreakable monsters....

I think Timbers too weak alsosmiley

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 00:42

Personally,I find Hugo the most valuable leader.Not only is his plus 6 attack very handy...but he's also powerful enough to win a fight in his own right.Bridget is the only other I'd consider with her plus 1 life per turn.Can make all the difference to defensive hands.Morphun shows up a lot too...though against powerful decks...the extra pill per turn has little benefit and he is way too weak to rely on.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 13/05/2007, 01:28

Ambre is good ending 2nd round matches...especially with jackie smiley

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Sunday 13/05/2007, 17:20

I like Ambre, i use her in one of my ELO testing decks, she's great, because it helps the unexpected factor, basically with a high power card, 6-8, you get 9-11 while it's your turn to play first.
you can also use it to your advantage if your opponant believes you're going to use pillz to attack, and instead you use them on the defense.
but alas, leaders are an expensive asset to put into an ELO deck, they only have an ability at 5 stars, which means starting them with les stars isn't really worth it(especially not bridget, with her power/damage being equal to her star level.

Timber is really great though, because if you're looking to KO, that 1 extra damage can save you a fury...

offline Whitehouse Novice  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 22:20

Can someone plz list all the effects of the leaders so i can pick the best one for me

offline Stalkingdemon Guru  
Monday 14/05/2007, 00:01

Morphun - +1 pill every turn
bridget - +1 life every turn
Ambre - team courage 3
timber - team +1 damage
hugo - team +6 attack
ashigaru - strike back
vansaar - team xp +20%

offline nugget94 Master  
Monday 14/05/2007, 07:06

I'd say timber cause max him out, hell do extra damage as well as what he has, that with someone like Platoona Boom ULTIMATEsmiley:

offline MistaGrimm Imperator  
Tuesday 15/05/2007, 20:07

So much different opinions on this topic. Think about it this way. Your Leader is very much important especially when you have a deck that can go very smooth with him. For example if you have Ambre on a Ulu Watu deck: beside the watu`s bonus they still have 3 courage extra..that`s something. smiley Timber? You can try using it with the Fang Pi Clang....and you`ll have all the damage you want... There is no saying which Leader is the best from those two mentioned above. It all depends on what deck you choose to combine them with smiley

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