Sunday 13/08/2006, 10:14

What's a good deck mix with sentinal?

What's a good deck mix with Fang Pi Clang?

Tuesday 15/08/2006, 16:22

A pure Fang Pi Clang is good with Hugo as Leader as Lost Hog,Lao and now Kinjo can all do one hit K.O.

Sunday 03/12/2006, 00:29

Sentinel Pussycats or Sentinel Nightmare ( Leader: Timber)

Sunday 03/12/2006, 03:26

Use Ambre or Morphun since Ambre adds 2 power if u want to make it on the first round...while Morphun 1 pillz per turn

Saturday 09/12/2006, 00:01

Sentinel Pussycats v Sentinel All Stars


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