offline DanTheTimid Titan  
Saturday 17/02/2007, 05:12

Let me just confirm, the way the ware house works is that you combine the experience both characters would get from a fight, increase it by 25% and then split it evenlly between the characters. Thus if you have a low level you'd want to take out a high level, and if you had a high level you'd actually want it to LOSE to a low level because the low level would get a huge experience boost... which is then distributed evenly between both characters.

Is this correct? Assuming it is correct no one I seem to play seems to understand this fact. Half the people play EVO style, just choosing 2 characters they want to level and boosting them with 6 pillz and usually tring to send them after something higher. The other half play it like a normal room, just trying to beat me. Either way when I try to over power there level 4 with my 1 they boosted him even more and win and we both get crap experience and they get angry at me for not sending out my high level...

offline Bendy(HAN)EVO Veteran  
Sunday 25/02/2007, 20:13

When that happens to me i just leave the match

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Monday 26/02/2007, 14:07

Naah... just finish the matches given to you...
been using that HAN sometimes... but i still prefer using EVO, this is for my opponent's name aswell; just to make sure of their intention to be in the "LOST" room... hehe... smiley
GGs! smiley

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Tuesday 27/02/2007, 04:19

So let me get this sraight are you supposed to go in and only put capsules on your cards that only have levels to go up still????? Private message plz

offline DanTheTimid Titan  
Tuesday 27/02/2007, 18:47

Weter, what your supposed to do is try to get your high levels to lose to low levels, and your low levels to beat high levels. A low level gains a huge experience boost for beating a high level where as high levels get almost nothing for beating low levels, and since the expereince is divided evenly between both players its always in your best interest to set up each round so that the lower level wins.

Also if you dont' have 8 characterswho need to level up try to only include max level characters who are either high level and low power (and thus easily defeated) or low level and high power (and thus can easily beat higher levels to give your opponents higher levels good experience).

offline WCF_Lemenya Veteran  
Wednesday 28/02/2007, 00:52

Lost Warehouse Mode
Abcdevo HAN - Titan
Wednesday 21/02, 10:45

From now on, I will be using the suffix (HAN) when I play in Lost Warehouse. Onfire came up with this magnificent idea.
In this way, I want to show that I will always play to get more exp for both players by letting the weakest character win.
In case of a star-eq aequo, I will use no pillz, and I suggest my opponent does the same, so the random factor will have free play for that one.

If you want to win vast amounts of exp AND be recognizable to other players, just use the suffix.
I hope this works and I didn't overlook a similar proposition in the forum...


I think this is a good idea to avoid problems....

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