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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:17

The proper Method of EVOing has been apparently under debate for some time. So I am going to spell it out for you again. Tournament EVO is a different animal and I'm not going to bother discussing it. This is the proper method of EVO in the Lost Warehouse as per the old established EVO rules.

1) On your turn in which you play a card first. Select one of your characters. Use 6 pillz. It is ok to use less or more if the character has an exceptionally low or high power, as long as you use the rest only to modify the power of your character. Fury is NEVER appropriate in EVO mode.

2) On your opponents turn. Send up a character, which you don't plan to level. The more stars the better, but this is not necessary if you're trying to level your 5 star character clearly you don't want to send them up. Any maxxed out characters should be used in these slots as long as your opponent can reasonably defeat them.


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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:25

3) Make sure you do NOT KO your opponent on the 3rd turn. If this is impossible, then try to alert your opponent as best you can, by sending up a character that you didn't intend to level and putting no pillz on it. This is a somewhat advanced tactic, but one you should learn in EVO as good EVO players will both expect, and recognize these signs. However you should be planning your hand from the moment you see it not to KO your opponent unless you're on the 2nd and 4th rounds. It's still not good form, but it gives you a little more breathing room.

4) Fury is NEVER appropriate in EVO mode.

5) Watch your activated bonuses and abilities. Especially anything that reduces attack or power on your opponents turn, or on your turn increases damage.

6) Maxxed Graksmxxt is NEVER an appropriate character for EVO mode. Maxxed characters should follow Vansaar's lead. They should have no more than 6 power, no power/attack reducing abilities (or bonuses). Damage reducing abilities are frowned on

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:35

7) You are not trying to win EVO mode. Especially in the Lost Warehouse. There is no benefit to this.You "Win" at EVO by having two of your characters win, and two of your opponent's characters win rounds.

EVO Deck Building.

Your EVO deck should only include 1 maxed character. Vansaar. Sometimes this is unavoidable (you still have 3-4 characters that need to level and everything else you own is maxxed). There is still hope. Proper Maxxed characters to include are available. You want to chose characters that have no reduction abilities, (or preferably no abilities at all) low power, and lots of stars.

All Stars:
Lamar or Stryker are acceptable as a last resort and only if you have no other All Stars in your deck. That bonus is ugly.
Mikki or Katsuhkay are ok 3 stars to use as maxxed filler, but really aren't great choices since 3 stars are best for 1-2 star characters to level on.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:42

Laetitia is about it. Vermyn N is an awful choice unless you happen to know your opponent has a horde of high damage characters they need leveled (and if that's the case you shouldn't need this guide anyway). Again you don't want her with other Bangers, but her ability makes her a great match up for 1 power characters to level on.

Fang Pi Clang:

Sai San. I know I said damage reducers are bad, but he only reduces damage by 1. And his pathetic 3 power means even a 1 power should mow him down with 7 pillz. However that 7 damage makes him an unattractive choice and NEVER with other Fang Pis just in case he wins.

Maxed Lost Hog is NEVER the right choice for an EVO deck. People will assume you're trying to 1HKO them.

Erika is passable. Sigmund used to be a good choice but he went CR and his price skyrocketed. Even still that 8 damage hurt when he did win.

Maxed Vladimir is a completely wrong choice. If he's in your EVO deck, take him out now.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:50


Bunny and Crystal are ok choices but those 7 and 8 damages are scary. Be careful as the randomizer will bite you in the butt with it on occasion. Watch that 8 attack on Junkz as well. It can swing the battle against low power characters.

Malmoth, Perle, and DJ Korr are NOT acceptable EVO choices. (I've seen all of these entirely too often).

La Junta

Flavio (even though he's 3 stars and a CR), Winifred and Python are the best of the bunch for EVO filler here. Much like the Fang Pis watch that 2 damage bonus.

Maxed Wardog, Jane Ramba, and No Nam should be left at home when EVOing 7 Powers are hard to overcome for people evoing 1 and 2 Star characters. and No Nam does a metric ton of damage.


Leaders are just a bad idea. They conflict with Vansaar if you are running him. If you aren't Bridget is acceptable as a substitute.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:51

I understand that evo is easier but han gives much more exp. A moderator should make a subject about han because many people dont know how to properly play han.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 07:57


Because of Montana's high minimum on it's attack reduction most 1 and 2 power characters won't even be phased by it. However higher power characters will so NEVER pair up Montanas.

Flesh Pimp is ok. Usually his power reduction won't come into play much but he's a last resort. Mort Bax works better, as does Zodiac. Gary is a winner as long as his Montana bonus isn't active. Gary has a very low power (5) for a 5 star and his damage can vary but his power makes him great for dealing with 2-4 power characters since their damage is generally low. Gary is near perfect EVO filler.

Vickie, Don, and Ottavia, should never see the light of EVO in their maxed forms.

Candy Jack falls into the same catagory as many others. Ok as a last resort. Kenny is a safe bet as his low damage just means your opponent won't get hosed if the randomizer likes you.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 08:06

Ielena's 8 power at max makes her a big no no for EVO. Estalt is a strange bird however. His power rarely comes into play, and his low power makes him seem like a great choice. The trick is that 8 damage. Against high power EVO characters this is rarely a problem, but like most of the other last resorts on the list, when the randomizer acts badly that 8 damage rips into your opponent and makes it hard to continue EVO.
I say avoid him, unless you just can't find ANYTHING better.


Really only Ninja Nyne.. and well we've been over this a million times.

Should I even have to tell you that maxed Charlie is NOT an acceptable EVO character? Really? Yayoi? I mean come on. There's not a maxed Cat that should ever really see EVO play. They're generally a very low star bunch.


Ndololo is the only one I could even see as passable here, and he's a CR.

By now we should know that Armand, Kiki, and Noodile in their maxed forms don't belong in EVO.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 08:15


At no time should you EVER be using maxxed Sakhorm as EVO filler. Ever. Especially not Graksxmkkt or Uranus. No ifs ands or buts. That bonus is just too deadly to low power characters.


Chloe (and Miss Chloe) would be wonderful if it weren't for their high damage and damage reducing abilities. Copper and Dargan would be great if your opponent was filled with stop opponent abiltiy. Robin is acceptable as a 3 star (but not with other Sentinels).

Really.. Sentinels have nothing worthwhile to offer as EVO filler. (No Zdrone isn't really that great either).

Ulu Watu

If you're running no other Ulus Coraille is acceptable as is Razor (don't use both of them). And are actually preferable to most other filler.

Tanaereva is however NOT. I see him a lot because of his damage reduction. Same with Wee Lee who is a marginally better choice.

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Thursday 05/04/2007, 08:40


Jim is acceptable for the same reasons that Laetitia is. Zlatar works too.

Jackie, Dorian, and Zatman can be left at home.

To recap:

The best max fillers: (if you must have maxed characters)
Gary, Jim, Laetitia, Coraille, Razor, Kenny, Bridget, Vansaar, and Erika are your best bets.

Maxed characters that aren't named Vansaar especially Graksmxxt, Charlie, Vermyn N, Chloe (or Miss Chloe), Jane Ramba, and Uranus should NOT be in casual EVO decks. Anything with a 7 or more power is a bad idea.

And above all, just use common sense and courtesy. If you wouldn't want your opponent doing something like that to you.. don't do it to them


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