offline impysin Senior (¯`·.._.·S.I.N·._..·´¯)
Friday 13/04/2007, 21:43

Maybe it is only me but i think randomness should be removed in elo mode it really sucks when you have a great deck and strategy the battle locked up and lose because of randomness expecially in a mode where you are trying to find the best player. The randomness takes away the skill factor and replaces it with luck. Just an example i had a Kenny with bonus and 6 pillz against a oryon with 1 pill and lose. 36 to 1 attack and i lost ????
I know there is a room where the randomness is disabled but there is no one there so if anyone else feels this way meet me there.

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 13/04/2007, 21:57

All the elo players feel this way, that's one of the reasons danger room was created, usually there are plenty of players in danger room, maybe because of your timezone you don't find anybody when you want to play... I would say that no one from the top 50-100 plays in dark corners. Only less experienced elo players are still in dark corners because randomness is the only way they could get some points.

offline DanTheTimid Titan  
Friday 13/04/2007, 22:01

Really? I only play elo in the danger zone, not just because I also prefer the game with out the randomness but because thats where I always see all the elo players anyway. Dark corners usually has way more people but there all playing regular, finding any elo players in there is incredibly hard. Conversely the danger zone is about a 9 to 1 ratio of elo players to regular (which is annoying when I want to play a regular match cause I'm stuck dealing with randomness). So anyway I dont' think randomness should be removed because we have a room for that already, people who want to play elo with randomness can go to the other room. I do however wish the warehouse had the randomness removed, its a training area, even when randomness works in my favor its actually hurting me since I didn't want to win I wanted experience.

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Friday 13/04/2007, 23:46

I've said it before...the random factor does NOT enhance the game and to my knowledge almost any player with a half-decent deck hates it.The developers tell me they have it for the "fun factor".Damned if I know where the fun is in frustrating losses.They tell me the game is boring without it.I really cant get this point at all.

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Saturday 14/04/2007, 00:49

Wow, impy, wow! in elo the higher attack is doubled so it was 72 to 1!? you should contact someone about that, that should never happen. oh, and who plays oryon in elo, most 1 power cards suck (selsya and gina glitt are kinda ok)

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 14/04/2007, 03:53

Hello raven me i dont like randomness but i like it when the time i cant buy credits(jackie vs copper,copper wins!)
I know a guy who plays at dark corners and often i see him on top 25-->with randomness...his name is nanobot...smiley

offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Saturday 14/04/2007, 05:33

I hate it when i lose because of this. i mean you can easily tell when you have lost as a result of the randomness. its not right. maybe in the first stages that way everyone can win atleast once, but one u are able to enter dark corners u shouldn't have to worry about random losings. its the worst concept ever...

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 14/04/2007, 11:55

The fun factor is very important when you are low level or when you don't have all your cards leveled up, it would be frustrating for the new players to lose all matches because they don't have enough experience or because they don't have all cards evolved. this way everybody has a chance to win even against high ranking players. I lost in normal mode many matches vs low ranking players in dark corners but that's the game, if you want to play strategic elo do it in danger room.

offline Malcomphnxevo Novice  
Sunday 22/04/2007, 04:01

There is a slight issue with new players coming into the ELO game (note that I'm not complaining about it, merely pointing it out). Having signed up recently I don't have access to the more expensive collectors that are still ELO legal, and there are cases where an ELO player with a card like Lyse Teria playing in the Danger Zone has an advantage over a newer ELO Montana player who has no way to match how well Lyse fits into the Montana curve. It's a bit cyclical because to win collectors you have to place high in ELO, but the best way to consistently place high in ELO is to beat out the older ELO players who already have the advantage of tournament legal collectors in their decks.

I think that's the real reason you find more people playing random ELO than non-random. For a newer player, it seems more feasible to build a deck that tolerates randomness than to play against decks with access to more cards than you.

offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 22/04/2007, 06:28

Based on my experience of playing elo almost every week since lvl 20 I can tell you I never considered this a problem, myself I only got lyse teria cr just recently and I hadn't yet played her in an elo deck, there aren't many good cr that are still legal in elo and I can tell you that 90% of the top players don't use them.
nonetheless, I have to agree that lyse teria cr is an essential part of a montana deck and without her montana is actually, in my view, quite worthless in elo.

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