offline pa-kilkowski Novice  
Wednesday 04/07/2007, 19:07

What is the best deck i could have . i have this luck of having the weakest cards on my deck at almost every hand. and what clans do you suggest with nightmare? i have all max of :
Mojo, Kenny, Dieter, Sheitane
what should go with them. i have 83% of the cards so i could probably have the cards you would suggest. i am planning to sell the rest if your suggestion works out smiley thank you

offline AGT_seyfer_EV Veteran Academia GuildTuga
Wednesday 04/07/2007, 23:33

Hum, did u try with ulu watu? good cards with power, so u can use more pillz in nightmare cards, u could use something like this

12* nightmare
Mojo 3*
Kenny 4*
Dieter 3*
Sheitane 2*

13 ulu watu
Gaia 3*
Nanook 3*
Hikiyousan 5*
Gabrielle 2*

if u can, try it, and say if u did well

good games smiley

offline Whitehouse Novice  
Thursday 05/07/2007, 03:45

Some pussycats would be effective becuz with them u could use a kenny or another life gain card to weaken them and then u could play defense for teh next 2 rounds and then just hit them one more time with a stronger monster

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Thursday 05/07/2007, 05:04

Using Nightmare as an ELO deck maybe fun but i suddgest different builds instead. Maybe any mix between All Stars, Pussycats, Sakrohm and Uppers can make a strong ELO build. But in respect to the topic, I believe that you should play with Sakrohm with the major defensive stance and nice 8 Powered cards.

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Thursday 05/07/2007, 06:07

Those are good cards to use for ELO, i used to use them when i played Nightmare.
i tried Ulu Watu, but i had the more success using Roots as a support clan, and my most success was with Uppers/Nightmare, but then you'd have extra stars to spend on Ielena...

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Thursday 05/07/2007, 11:01

I used to play nightmare, but now I play pussycats/sakrohm and it's WAY better imho

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Thursday 05/07/2007, 22:05

I'm currently running a Montana, Sakrohm Deck, it's pretty good, based on skill matches, i win 70% of the time, and Draw another 10%...(last resort) but this is in the lower Echelon.

offline pa-kilkowski Novice  
Friday 06/07/2007, 16:36

Hey. thanx for all of your suggestions. im currently trying out what 0-JP NN has suggested. it's working pretty good. i'll try some different suggestions next week . thank you again smiley
- kegan_anreda

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