Wednesday 11/07/2007, 05:50

All u have to do is buy a few nanastasia's and 2 to 4 vassili's at cheap prices and then get them at max level then sell them to kate or other players for easy clints!

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 08:36


Wednesday 11/07/2007, 08:41

I saw some Vassili 300 each yesterday,and when you sell them to kate i think its 400 clintz smiley

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 12:23

WHOA !!! THAT'S JUST SUPER !!!! THANK YOU ^100.000 kisses smiley

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 16:25

Yes, I was beeing ironic smiley

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 17:27

Thanx ihope u guys now the profits and price ranges to buy cards if not here
Vassili: 300 to 320 for a decent profit of 100 to 80 Nanastasia : 160 to 170 20 to 10 clint profit but it levels faster than Vassili

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 17:32

Nanastasia sells for 180 i think or 190 Vassili sells at 400

oh and o sven-nn-evo nice subject on making cards i posted a chuck norris card

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 17:51

I'm sorry to say this stratagy does not work at all. most of the time nanastsias are costing 180 each and they sell to kate for 180. Also It takes forever to level up Vassili and by the time u get it lvled up u already got the profit from fights once u sell Vassili.

This stratagy is a dud

Wednesday 11/07/2007, 19:31

Vassili costs 490 on the market. its kinda a rip off now to buy them. That is why I call this strtagy a dud

Friday 17/02, 10:02

Oh wow thanks for the info. I actually just finished doing this for 2 days straight and I own a Lyse Teria Cr now!


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