offline Lode Novice  
Thursday 16/11/2006, 02:47

There really should be a suggestion box or at the very least a bug report index, the four that are currently tehre are nothing beyond superficial as well as having no real organization, it's as if it's just one topic under a single forum category.

Eh, to my original point, Something has to be done about this lag, I can't score worth a damn during tournaments because of slow responses, I have a fast connection so I KNOW it's not me.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 16/11/2006, 07:01

The message board is not made for support but for discussions between players. (as specified)
If you need to report a bug or a suggestion, please use "Contact Us".
As for the "lag", sorry but there are players that are younger, slow etc.. we cannot do much about it.
You are still level 11... things will change in the higher levels. smiley

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