Sunday 17/12/2006, 20:32

I got Candy Jack,Cell,Dieter,Elixir,Estalt,Melluzine,Bob Joby,and Mo DiFalco in my deck.They are all max level exept for Estalt
level4 and Melluzine leval 1.I also got max Lilith and Winifred out of my deck.Is my deck any good?

Sunday 17/12/2006, 21:37

Melluzine now leval2

Monday 18/12/2006, 03:58

If u wana make a Nightmare deck, you need Ombre and Lelena, but get a Leader as well, Hugo would do. smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


Monday 18/12/2006, 13:02

Seems like a pretty decent Nightmare deck if thats what you're trying to create. If so follow Lburna's advise concerning Ielena and Ombre.

Hugo ... umm... I think Timber would do you better with his ability " 1 Team Damage" so that you can better exploit your clans famous ablity " X life per damage".

Tuesday 19/12/2006, 04:07

I choose the attack way, Timber is too weak (for now after the poll), he shud get a Mojo if he wants the gain life strategy.

Tuesday 19/12/2006, 12:19

Yeah, Nightmares are (in)famous for their "life per damage" ability with characters like Ielena, Mojo and Ambrose. Their bonus plus this ability is ... umm... fairly good for the ELOs.

Tuesday 19/12/2006, 21:21

I do want Nightmare deck.and you read my mind Isaiah 8 .im so happy Timber is gonna get stronger!


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