offline JolliRoger Titan  
Saturday 24/06/2006, 18:53

This is what I was thinking of for my Ultimate Bangerz Deck. If you have any of the ones with stars next to them, I would be willing to buy them. I decided to make a Bangerz deck to be different from all the Junkz decks I've been seeing.

Wondertooth's Ultimate Bangerz Deck:

2 Bodenpower * I need 1
2 Platoona * I need 1
1 Fifty
1 Saddy
1 Vermyn N * Need it
1 Hugo * Need it

Have any ideas of how I could tweak it a bit?

offline Gorukha Senior  
Sunday 25/06/2006, 05:44

Why not just have all Bodenpowers and Platoonas ? lol

offline JolliRoger Titan  
Sunday 25/06/2006, 15:58

Hahahah, I thought of that. But I'm not that rich. Oh and by the way. All I need now is a Bodenpower, a Vermyn N, and a Hugo. I bought 1000 credits... and I only got 1 more Platoona .. grrr.

offline Gorukha Senior  
Tuesday 27/06/2006, 13:52

You need Sum Sam, he's a badass smiley

offline crueler Master  
Thursday 13/07/2006, 19:09

I have got a Bodenpower so you can send me a message when i am onli or you can write it on this page but i don't know if i read it becouse i don't often come in the message board.

offline SWiFTx Veteran  
Thursday 13/07/2006, 23:20

I have boden, vermyn, and platoona

offline JolliRoger Titan  
Friday 14/07/2006, 23:21

Alright, SWiFT, how much would you want for your Bodenpower and your Vermyn N? Those are the last two cards I'll need for the deck.

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