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Sunday 27/05/2007, 03:35

Anyone Teach Me Pls. .

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Sunday 27/05/2007, 08:20

All in there with various calculations

Is it just me or is this question posed every week?

I still feel the manual is pretty clear about it, though. ( )

Hm. I just see that the example there is WRONG, though. Obviously, on that picture, 6 Pillz are used, not 5 as is said in the text. (Yes, 5 ADDITIONAL ones to the one free one gets [Attack is NEVER 0].) I doubt that this is the source of confusion, though.
Now that I look closer... the whole picture does not match the text. With THAT I would indeed get confused (A 2/1 card is said to be a 4/4 card... I find 2=1 and 4=4 a statement a bit...daring.) Maybe, please, change the example so that the manual fits the example?

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