offline Mint-WMD Hero  
Sunday 27/05/2007, 09:02


Just started playing, bought a full deck and got some cards, now I'm stuck, have been lvling a lot of them, but have no direction. And in the last 2 days, I've been using clinkz to buy random cards I thought I needed, but I'm just lost again.

Cards include:
Laetitia (2)

Fang Pi :
Endo (3)
Natrang (3)
Sai San (1)

Brutox (3)
Meyen (3)
Vryer (3)

Brandon (3)
Flyer (3)
Keanew (1)
Veenyle (2)

Sorry, list is longer then I thought, I'll get to some of the notables:

Don (3) , Kenny (3) , Phonos (2) , Copper (3) , Frankie Hi (3)

Any tips of advice is much appreciated. ty

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Sunday 27/05/2007, 12:25

Well i'd say use nightmare and sentials since copper pretty good and kenny ain't that bad

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