offline nite Master -=>}Nit3CluB{<=-
Monday 28/05/2007, 07:57

Wif the new coming of freaks clan ... it s hard to know wads actually posion effct all abt ... weather its to posion the card or isit to posion the life pills??? anyone care to answer this question?

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Monday 28/05/2007, 12:34

Poison affects life points.... Explanation:

Round 1: A freak manages to attack your opponent while their bonus is active.
Round 2: Nothing happens yet
Round 3: If the opponent has more than 3 hp, he takes 2 damage
Round 4: Same as Round 3

Then when all the rounds are over, if your opponent still has more than 3 hp, he'll take another 2 damage before the winner is decided.

In other words, if you were able to play Vassili successfully, your opponent would take 5 damage, then another 2 in round 3, then 2 in round 4. That's a total of 9 damage.

If you use a card with less damage than that, they would receive 6 additional damage because poison will take effect again just before the winner is decided.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Monday 28/05/2007, 18:50

I recommend you reading the rules carefullyl. It makes it very clear this and more things, such as "life pills"

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