offline Assislau Novice  
Sunday 24/06/2007, 15:13


I have to clans to combine with ulu watu!!!
It´s for a Elo deck! smiley

I know the decks could be better, but I´m low on money smiley smiley

Tell me what you think´s best
All cards are maxed.

Ulu Watu ( 13 *)

Hikiyousan (U) (*5)
Jeff (C) (*2) ( I´d prefer gabrielle, but it´s too expensive!)
Nanook (U) - 3*
Ice Jim (C) - 3* ( Gaia is better, but expensive smiley )

Now I have montana or junkz to combine with these Ulu watu.
DIgamme o que acham melhor... deixo as melhores opçoes que tenho com 12* e com as cartas que tenho:


Don (U) - 5* ( I´d prefer Rosa, but It´s also expensive )
Octavia - 3* OR Giovanni (U) - *3
Ricardo (C) - 2*
Angelina (C) - 2*


Perle (R) - 5* ( I´d prefer Tessa , but also expensive )
Berserkgirl (R) - * 3
Allan (C) - *2
Veenyle (C) - *2

Tell me what you think!!

Do you think that I should buy others montanas or junkz??
what do you think it´s best, junkz or montana?

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 24/06/2007, 16:13

Well both are good,but i think for you is sakrohm,the best clan for ulu watu since tanaereva and wee lee didnt got banned
Oh well you can also use pussycats but it will waste a lot of pillz so i really prefer sakrohm so you can conserve your pillz
Your Low on Money?Ouch=P
Try this if you have money:

ulu watu -12


I dont see any elo decks that is cheapsmiley
The most cheap i guess costs like 20,000 clintz(this includes la junta/fang pi clang on your deck)
Good Games and Have Funsmiley

offline Assislau Novice  
Sunday 24/06/2007, 22:28


With a little effort I manage to get 10.000 Clintz and I already bought Gabrielle smileysmiley

Tough I have very few Sakhroms... I only have 3 in my colection ( Pulsar, Uranos and Venus)
I can buy Rosa and use Montana + Ulu watu.

Or do you think I should save some money and buy Graksmxxt and Skrumxxt??

Is there any sakhrom that "replaces" Graksmxxt?? 18.000 Clintz it´s a bit pushed smiley....

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Monday 25/06/2007, 10:52

I use Ulu Watu / Uppers......
their bonus is better than montana ........

I only need a rubie smiley smiley smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Monday 25/06/2007, 14:02

I'm afraid i cannot answer that,it will be the rules of market and your own style
BUT,if you can save for graksmxxt,ill go for it,its the best level 4 card in elo for nowsmiley

offline Assislau Novice  
Monday 25/06/2007, 16:44

Ok, thanks for the hints Sven!! smileysmiley

A player of my guild has lots of Graksmxxt! I think I can obtain it cheap ! smiley

thanks! smiley

offline Assislau Novice  
Friday 29/06/2007, 21:03

Sry post again

But, what do you think of the new Ulu watu, Rass'?

what´s his abillity??? do you think it´s price it´s gonna be lower in the market??

sry for the bad english, but I´m portuguese smiley

offline AGT_seyfer_EV Veteran Academia GuildTuga
Friday 29/06/2007, 21:22

It's nice, i guess it won't go that much down, i think its going to stay more or less like gaia, but we will see, it's ability its stopp bonus

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