offline Horus WMD Divinity  
Friday 24/08/2007, 17:54

...why "Stop Opp Ability" doesn't work on Leaders?

offline Malshun Imperator Army of Darkness
Friday 24/08/2007, 23:22

Because it's not really an ability it's a bonus. it's just that having two leaders in your hand cancels the "ability" of the other.

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Saturday 25/08/2007, 01:53

I was also wondering that.smileysmileysmiley

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Saturday 25/08/2007, 02:32

Stop Opp.Ability and Ability of Leaders Cant Be Stopped,Their Abilities Work With The Other Cards With You.So Try To Buy A Leader Like Morphun,good power and damage

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Saturday 25/08/2007, 02:40

Maybe it does...
maybe it doesn't...
you see, the Leader ability isn't part of the cards you play, unless you play the leader.
so, the only surefire way to test if the stop ability ability/bonus affects the leader is if you use Timber, and let him win, to see if he does an extra damage.
but, if you have Timber, and you fight Tank against copper, and copper wins, he will do his damage + Timber's +1 damage.
also, Morphun, and Bridget, their abilities affect at the beginning of a round, and stop ability only occurs while fighting in a round, so they wouldn't have their abilities stopped...
now, this is completely speculation on my part...
but i hope it was at least semi-helpful.
or justified any inconsistencies. (well i still don't know about the Timber thing)

offline (-M-) Titan  
Saturday 25/08/2007, 03:00

Leaders abilities is unstoppable .

offline flashkicker Veteran the apple of devils
Saturday 25/08/2007, 03:21

smileyi too have same doubt

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Saturday 25/08/2007, 10:22

I used stop opp ability in my opponent's leader and no effects my stop opp ability.

offline Horus WMD Divinity  
Sunday 26/08/2007, 03:15

NudeCeleb_LOA: My opponent has Maxed Ambre. He goes first this round, using Ambre. This activates Ambre's Courage ability and gives him +3 power, for a total of 9. I select Striker to fight against Ambre. Striker's bonus is active (-2 opp power, min 1) and he has "Stop Opp Ability". No pillz on Ambre or Striker.

The way it SHOULD work: Ambre's Courage ability is stopped by Striker's ability and Striker's bonus reduces Ambre's power from 6 to 4. Striker wins.

The way it DID work: Ambre's Courage ability was NOT stopped by Striker and Striker lost, 7 to 6.

Leader abilities are not stopped by Stop Opp Ability. And because of this, Morphun is WAY overbalanced in ELO. For 5 stars, you not only get an 8/5, but you also get 3 additional pillz that cannot be stopped by your opponent

offline salade bleue Senior  
Monday 27/08/2007, 09:12

I could be wrong, but I think my Vansaar was countered once with stop Opp Ability, and I didn't get extra exp after the match.

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