offline Warewolf Guru The Short Bus Guild
Friday 07/09/2007, 17:48

I've seen this happen many times in fights. On the last round of the fight my opponent leaves 3 pillz unused. There isn't any reason I can figure out or find for it. It's always 3, too.

Any thoughts?

offline Manecofigo Guru  
Friday 07/09/2007, 20:07

If u KO u're opp. with 3 pillz left u win something like 5 extra battle points, this is good for tournaments

offline lol 78 Novice  
Friday 07/09/2007, 21:37

Yh in tournaments if u have 3 or more spare pillz u get extra points based on how many you get , bu only skilled players can have more than 3 i think

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Saturday 08/09/2007, 04:47

Also, the 3 pillz, can be used for a Fury, if the case calls, if you don't need the fury, then the extra points are very good in tournaments.

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Saturday 08/09/2007, 20:59

There is some absolute misinformation here.

IF you KO your opponent (1st MUST condition!)
You get 2*X extra points at the end of the battle, where X is the nuber of pillz that you did NOT use.

IN TOURNAMENTS there is a maximum of 5 (five) extra points this way. Therefore it does not make sense to save more than 3 pillz since 3*2=6 => 5 and every higher amount of pillz will equally net only 5 points. (Whereas 2 pillz would net 4 points and 1 pill 2 points.)

This is all found in the manual, btw. You know... it is there to be read. [near the end]

Mhm... talking of "it is written there..." I am pretty sure about the 5 max in tournaments but it is not written there. Possibly sb. should add it. (Or did I confuse things with the tournament max?)

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Sunday 09/09/2007, 00:27

From the "JOIN ROOM" page:

[coup picture] Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character levelling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament.

However I think that it was 5 points before and even more before that. When I started playing here I used to get up to 30-40 points by KOing fast and keeping lots of pillz

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