Wednesday 24/01/2007, 17:28

I decided to make a Sentinel and antoher clan deck but i dont know what caln is good with Sentinel , and what cards should be in deck.

Can anyone suggest me ?smiley

Friday 26/01/2007, 04:11

What cards do you have?

Monday 29/01/2007, 12:43

Sentinels and junkzz would be good

Saturday 03/02/2007, 01:33

smiley FINALLY!!!! ok I collect Sentinal and La Junta. Sounds weird but they make a great team, since La Junta has 2 opp damage it will be hard to lose. smiley

Saturday 03/02/2007, 12:39

Heyy La Junta haves damage 2 not -2 opp damagesmiley Pussycats have -2 opp damagesmiley


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