offline Dirq Senior THE RIVALS
Friday 23/02/2007, 20:46

If I want to buy credits deck, it is better to buy 2 decks or 1 full deck? still I was take normal deck for twenty credits what's cards existing in full deck? Answer me fast plz

offline Gruchul Legend  
Friday 23/02/2007, 22:41

Full decks always contain at least 1 five star. They are usually the best option, at least until your needs become more specific (when you have about 60% of those available)

offline Elkyr EVO Guru  
Sunday 25/02/2007, 09:36

After you have the 60 percent, whats the best choice.. to just buy clintz and buy your stuff on the market?

offline Fluffwig Veteran At the End of the World
Sunday 25/02/2007, 12:25

It's never best to buy clintz, you earn much more if you buy a booster and sell the cards. If you buy clintz you get 4 000 if you buy a booster you may get cards worth 4 000 - 40 000

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 25/02/2007, 13:04

If u think ur lucky i guess ill buy 20s and those 50s not bad at all but u can get gary and phonos in these decks otherwise if u really think u wanna have the best cards ill go on 50s but still there are rares like gaia,jackie graksmxxt who are really harder as those lvl 5s

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