offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Friday 13/04/2007, 21:36

But i only have:


Which other clan would go well with these characters? The only clans i have are Bangers, Fang Pi, Pussycats, Gheist, Ulu Watu, and Montana. Also which of all the 7 clans i have would make a perfect two clan combo?

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 14/04/2007, 03:56

I saw pro players when they go all stars...they should have support...use sakrohm or pussycats:
2 pussie unevolved
All stars-15

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 14/04/2007, 12:04

I think he is refering to normal mode, since he is lvl 15.
the cards you have from all stars are not really that good... if you want to go with all stars you need at least some of the high lvl cards: alexei, lamar, marina, eyrton, lamar.
as for the other clans it really depends on what cards you have

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 14/04/2007, 12:33

Hmmm okay actually bhudd is a good card too...(too bad people doesnt use itsmiley)....with the release of clara of pussycats...she will eat lamar hehesmiley

offline 0Vman Titan  
Saturday 14/04/2007, 13:57

Well I have an all All Stars deck and it goes a lil sumptin like this:

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Saturday 14/04/2007, 14:43

6Sims: People do not use it? Hm. I do... even against ELO people I won with him. Many people just don't think and play some <5 power card while I have him.. and the AllStar Bonus is really devastating to medium to low power cards. (hehe).

I have an all AllStar deck too that works quite well (26/25 stars - for ELO I'll need to replace one now that Striker is lvl 4 :/. Probably Dan against Terry):
Alexei 4, Striker 4, Eyrton 5, Bhudd 3, Lewis 3, Frank 2 (still great against cards with 4 or less power and no stop bonus/stop ability), Dan 3, Flo 2.

Sidenot: Budd gets especially funny against those players with 4 level 5 cards that play a decoy (or even not) like Lost Hog in round 1 :O

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 14/04/2007, 15:04

Even before the ban of tanaereva and wee lee I've been playing all stars in elo with very much success, as dermagus said they have really a devastating bonus for medium and low power cards, they can exploit any weakness in the opponents deck and played with skill, in my view, they are the most consistent clan for elo, with 4 high level playable cards : striker, lamar, marina, alexei. after the ban ulu watu's most powerfull cards I was expecting more people to play all stars, but instead most of them returned to some "all time classics" like sakrohm/pussycats , uppers/pussycats, uppers/sakrohm.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 15/04/2007, 00:34

Ya ur correct if you want if you see me try me in elosmiley

offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Monday 16/04/2007, 14:50

Oh no i'm preparing for elo mode. I wont be level 15 for much longer so when i dive into elo mode i dont wanna look like some rookie amateur. So pussycats makes the best team up with all stars then?

offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Monday 16/04/2007, 20:13

Which pussycats? this is for elo mode though. even though im level 16 i play by elo rules now. the deck im playin with now is elo mode.

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