offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 14/04/2007, 17:49

I know the mods and admins prolly wouldn't advocate this, but how I long for a way to spread around the names of pple who intentionally play evo badly. By badly I dun mean mere winning with high lvl cards in a non- HAN or lost warehouse environment, that is perfectly understandable, but sheer abysmal play.

Take for example( I won't mention names, at least not yet ), I played some guy who defended against my low power card using a card with a clan atk bonus, this wasn't on the later rounds but the very first one where he had cards that had equal star count etc except with less atk to choose from for defending. I dun mind the fact that he didn't let me win an equal 2 rounds after that to show it was not done on purpose, but even after winning with 3 cards, he furied on the 3rd card on the last round to make sure he wins me instead of a draw.

I can't stand when pple fury in evo, esp if it was done on the last round when the opponent has no pills left. If fury is intended in evo both parties would do it, which beats the purpose. It's just low when a player furies on the last round after the opponent didn't and now cant do anything about it. That is usually where I draw the line and make a note of the player, for I dun believe anything justifies a fury , esp a last round fury for a win.

All in all I suggest a way to compile a list of atrocious evo players with valid reasons and descriptions included to deter these pple and to show that pple do play attention to bad players.

offline impysin Senior (¯`·.._.·S.I.N·._..·´¯)
Sunday 15/04/2007, 19:09

This is a great idea but you have to be fair and only write down players names who BLATANLY piss people off in lost warehouse cause you have to understand most people are playing 2 or 3 different ways evo, han etc. People that need to be exposed for example happenend to me today no names although i want to. Here we go i had all lvl 3's max lvl 4's my oppent had 3 maxed lvl 3's and 1 lvl l max 4. When 2 cards of the same lvl face each other the exp is the same whether you win or lose i didn't play any pillz because i didn't want to kill his lvl 1. What did he do he furys the first and second turn with maxed out cards and won the duel he never even played the card that needed evolving. This is the kind of people we are talking about.

Is there a way you can give each player the right to block specific players and remove them from thier challenge list. I know this might be a lot of work but it would be beneficial that way once they piss you off you can just block them and not worry about them again.

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Sunday 15/04/2007, 19:51

This is one of the improvements I would whole-heartedly supply: personal blacklists. And it not only concerns the "Warehouse-players" - one can also blacklist those notorious 3-minutes-for-a-turn players (be it bad connection or slowness or doing something while playing: I don't care - it annoys me) etc.
Also, I repeat, reducing all gains but xp in the Warehouse to 1 clintz/1 battlepoint and making the fight not count twds. win/loss might be a good thing.

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Monday 16/04/2007, 09:37

I agree, 1 clintz & 1 battlepoint + not count towards the win/loss rate!
This would be far more effective than a blacklist since i don't want to remember a bunch of names or have a window open to see whether or not a person is blacklisted before you challenge smiley

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Monday 16/04/2007, 10:57

Yes....I agree with most of this.The major problem as I see it is the win/loss thing.Seems some players are very concerned with it.A suggestion for the personal black-list would be to freeze those players automatically from challenging you.This would be kinder on those who have slow connections too as they would just gat an auto-refusal.

offline 0Chikko Cr EV Titan  
Monday 16/04/2007, 12:26

Today, during the last tournament, i played an evo match against a titan that has over 3000 battles fought... You expect to have a nice evo fight against a lvl 35+ player, but: he had all cards with +2 dmg bonus, 2 of them lvl 3, the other 2 lvl 1 and 2. the lvl 3 cards had 5 dmg+2dmg (bonus); he played first one of the lvl 3 cards, i gave a lvl 4. i played my first lvl 1 or 2 card, he played the lvl 2, and at the third round, he plays the other lvl 3 card which was going to KO me, so i played my other high lvl card, with some pillz and won the round. after that i played my last card and won by KO. I sent a message to that guy, telling him that his evo play its not really evo. In return he told me that i'm a cheater, and he will put me on his blacklist...

Thats the kind of player i would like to put on a shame list!

offline Margyanni Imperator Dynasty of Lost Souls
Monday 16/04/2007, 15:43

I just dont like the EVO player who has evo in his name, so i play EVO against him/her 6-0-6-0 and they put pillz on every round plus use fury on my pillz rounds and win. When you ask them about it, they say because i dont have evo in my name they dont have to play evo rules even if when i challenged them i said EVO in the challenge. It sucks.

Plus, No one should use Fury in EVO. Just my opinion.

offline captain loki Hero Black Dawn Pirates
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 11:16

Lol i just wish i could write down the names of people who just piss me off period. Like i've faced players who run cards in like zatman or vermin in doubles! or even fours! this makes me so mad because even though i'm not level 20, i still play like im in elo mode. I know a bunch of people who wish that elo was the main rules for all play and i also believe that, but its not the fact that i lose that makes me upset, but the fact that they play four zatman and win then have the nerve to say good game after words as if that required any skill on their part or any strategy at all. I would have to plan out my strategy so carefully just so i can win or even tie, and when i do win against them they still say good game! no it wasn't it! I hate cheap wins because that just means the richest person is the best person because they can play some of the best cards in four. oh well. sorry for ranting...

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Tuesday 17/04/2007, 16:06

I've come across a few players like that, usually it's 2 zatmans jackie and some other upper (dorian or frankie hi or rubie).
what can you possibly do against that kind of deck?
i don't like zatman, he is a monster! if i use uppers i have to use him since he doesn't have a weakness (except maybe damage reducers)

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Thursday 19/04/2007, 17:41

Today a member of _-*collector*-_ had this for evo:
-one level 2 he wanted to max
-a maxed DJ Korr Cr --> 8 / 8 + damage reducer
-a maxed Chloe --> 5 / 8 + damage reducer
-a maxed GraksmxxT --> 8 / 5 + damage reducer

i mean... WTF !!! and he dares to put EVO in his name!

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